We were the first firm in Wisconsin to pour curb and gutter sidewalk using millimeter GPS technology and millimeter GPS grade control and we haven’t stopped there.

invested in


Parisi Construction embraces new technologies and we are constantly evaluating and transforming all stages of the engineering and construction process. We recognize that investment in these tools results in reduced schedule time and increased accuracy of installation. Our in-house engineers review new and existing solutions during the design phase to reduce costs and increase functionality. This enables us to deliver a higher quality product and lower overall costs.

experts on staff

Parisi Construction employs over 125 individuals, from general laborers to concrete specialists to civil engineers. We leverage the expertise of that staff, along with the latest technology, to offer expanded services . This means more predictable project schedules and cost control for us and for our clients.

drone surveys

We can collect project site data at any stage, before, during, or at the end of a project with our drone technology.

site layout

Our on-staff surveyor is available throughout the project for site layout and troubleshooting.


Our licensed engineers bring their expertise in constructability analysis and value engineering to every project.

high tech 
in action

GPS Concrete

Using enhanced millimeter GPS technology brings unmatched accuracy to concrete paving with a fraction of the hardware required for a traditional local positioning system.

Our tools guarantee significant labor savings, high-volume production, and world-class accuracy for 3D contour concrete placement.

GPS Utilities

Using GPS software with our existing equipment, we can create a professional map of underground utilities for project sites that last long after the spray paint wears away.

Faster, safer, and more reliable we rely on GPS technology for all of our utility projects.

Machine Control Grading

Machine technology simplifies the grading process and eliminates inefficiencies. We topo the site to verify our engineer’s quantities on the initial 3-D contoured map of the existing site.

Grade control drastically eliminates the need for grade stakes and additional workers on the jobsite, even during the verification process.

Check out more of our technology in action on our YouTube channel.