Parisi Construction Company has joined the Walbec Group family of companies. Like Parisi, Walbec is a third-generation, family-owned, industry-leading organization that provides professional design, engineering, and construction services and produces high quality construction materials. The Walbec Group companies include Payne + Dolan, Northeast Asphalt, Zenith Tech, Premier Concrete, and Construction Resources Management.

Parisi and Walbec share the same core values of an unwavering commitment to ethics, a positive workplace culture, and the prioritization of safety, quality, and innovation. Many of Parisi’s core services complement Walbec’s and Parisi will continue to deliver cost-effective, expert solutions to meet our customers’ engineering and construction needs. We look forward to working with you and our new partners toward our collective goal of helping people reach their destination. Please visit Walbec Group.