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This job description is the general laborer criteria and essential tasks for a construction field employee. Specific job duties will depend on the specific position. Employees are paid by the hour and are paid overtime after 40 hours work within one week. Exact wage rates and benefits will depend on the position being hired.

Parisi Construction is an infrastructure construction company who contracts to build residential developments, commercial site contractors, and municipal street reconstructions. Our employees install sanitary, water, and storm sewer pipe, concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk, and site excavation. We are a seasonal employer; our employees work from approximately April through November depending on the market in any given year.

Given the short duration of our working season, we work the hours necessary to complete our projects on time. An employee must be available to work up to 12 per day and on Saturdays, if necessary, during the construction season. We start work at 7:00 am daily.

Municipal construction is a physically demanding profession that is outdoors in all weather conditions and on varying terrain. Employees must be physically able to lift 40 pounds frequently during a work day. Laborers must have the endurance to perform strenuous tasks throughout the day, spending the day on their feet with few breaks. Laborers must be able to use tools such as shovels, hammer, and small engines.

Construction labor work can be dangerous if not performed properly. Safety guidelines are to be adhered to at all times to minimize the possibility of injury and to avoid job site accidents that may harm others.

Parisi Construction is based in Verona, Wisconsin, and will work on projects approximately within a 100-mile radius of Madison. Employees are required to provide a means to get to work daily and be ready to work at 7:00 am regardless of the location of the project.

Parisi Construction is committed to a drug free workplace. We participate in a random drug testing program that objectively selects employees for drug testing. Drug testing is also performed at the time of an accident or when there is probable cause. Parisi Construction is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

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